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 12V bargraph.jpg2010-02-01 09:43 34K 
 12V bargraph.png2010-02-01 09:43 26K 
 An Introduction to LED Capabilities.pdf2015-07-02 16:10 1.7M 
 Application Notes—Analog Optical Isolators.pdf2008-01-26 23:11 144K 
 Assorted Opto Electronic Stuff.zip2010-10-11 04:15 706K 
 Audible Light Sensor.pdf2011-05-16 02:49 29K 
 Audio Quality Opto Isolator Circuit.pdf2021-01-19 03:36 1.8M 
 Brightness control for LED Flashlights.pdf2021-04-01 03:15 154K 
 Construct a 2 Way Optoisolator.pdf2020-02-29 07:23 263K 
 Detecting UV, IR & Visible Light Part 2.pdf2020-10-02 21:00 297K 
 Display ETI Project 412 Errata 1983-10.pdf2021-01-22 23:22 1.0M 
 Drive a blue LED from a 3V battery.pdf2020-12-24 23:34 93K 
 Driving 2 LEDs with one microcontroller pin.pdf2009-05-17 21:21 91K 
 Driving LEDs - To Cap or Not to Cap.pdf2021-01-01 00:30 232K 
 Experimenting with LEDs.pdf2020-03-04 02:51 399K 
 Fast Response Phototransistor.pdf2011-06-19 06:16 79K 
 Getting to Know LCDs Errata PE 1975-04.pdf2020-03-05 00:30 143K 
 IR Repeater.gif2016-01-27 19:49 4.6K 
 Image Processing in Tomography.pdf2012-03-09 02:06 19M 
 Infrared Light Beam Relay.pdf2021-05-10 20:39 1.9M 
 Ir Related Ascii Schematics.PDF2005-12-07 02:08 39K 
 LED Lamp.pdf2020-02-08 06:53 167K 
 LED Meter type displays.pdf2009-05-08 03:39 238K 
 LEDS with Linear Response to Analog Inputs.pdf2009-06-22 01:58 176K 
 LED Synchroscope.pdf2010-01-03 07:07 36K 
 LED Top with Special Effects.pdf2021-03-11 23:58 668K 
 LEDs - Misc Information.pdf2009-10-30 03:10 3.9M 
 Led Flasher Using Lm3909.gif2005-12-07 02:08 12K 
 Led Flasher Using Lm3909.jpg2005-12-07 02:08 62K 
 Leds Simulate Sand Hourglass.pdf2005-12-07 02:08 63K 
 Light Into Sound.gif2011-03-30 01:43 40K 
 Light Meter.pdf2011-05-16 02:38 20K 
 Light Operated Switches.pdf2021-01-26 22:33 597K 
 Miniature LED Beacon Errata ME 1988-02.pdf2021-01-24 02:25 101K 
 Misc Optical Stuff 1.pdf2009-09-06 04:03 8.4M 
 Misc Optical Stuff 2.pdf2009-09-06 04:13 8.5M 
 Misc Optical Stuff 3.pdf2009-09-20 23:23 2.0M 
 Multiplexed Readouts.pdf2020-12-28 23:40 925K 
 Multiplexing LEDs.pdf2009-01-14 04:48 149K 
 Negative Feedback To Keep Led Intensity Constant.pdf2005-12-07 02:09 102K 
 Nulling out ambient lighting in a photodetector.pdf2011-05-18 03:37 85K 
 Optical Feedback Extends a White LED's operating life.pdf2011-03-26 03:46 149K 
 Optical Power Meter.pdf2011-05-16 02:53 34K 
 Optical Signal Isolator.pdf2020-03-18 23:17 2.2M 
 Optical Triangulation Errata EK 2009-02.pdf2020-12-03 00:10 158K 
 Opto Isolation.pdf2020-06-26 04:20 4.3M 
 Optoelectronics Circards.pdf2010-06-16 05:11 807K 
 Organic Light Emitting Diode - Material Process and Devices.pdf2013-06-11 05:48 19M 
 Photo Tachometer ETI 555 1978-11.pdf2020-12-20 03:33 3.2M 
 Photodiodes - World Activities in 2011.pdf2012-03-24 02:47 38M 
 Photoelectric Sensor that can count entries and exits.pdf2020-08-25 21:55 303K 
 Photo tachometer adapter for frequency counters.pdf2020-12-22 00:26 445K 
 Piezo Oscillator Power Supply for White LED.pdf2009-12-06 06:06 137K 
 Protecting IGBTs with Isolation Amplifiers.pdf2021-02-02 05:08 72K 
 Regulating LED Outputs.pdf2021-04-08 03:55 102K 
 Selecting The Right LED Bulb EFY 2015-05.pdf2021-04-08 03:07 107K 
 Sensitive Light Meter.pdf2019-06-20 23:58 1.0M 
 Seven Segment Display Quiz.pdf2011-05-16 03:31 26K 
 Signal Averaging Circuit.pdf2014-04-16 03:11 41K 
 Simple single-cell white-LED driver.pdf2020-12-24 23:36 87K 
 Single-LED Analog Meter.pdf2020-12-27 01:05 2.5M 
 Single Cell Flashes White Led.pdf2005-12-07 02:09 154K 
 The Optical Spectrum.pdf2014-04-16 04:43 304K 
 Tube Based Optical Switch.pdf2019-05-31 03:41 445K 
 Typical Opto Electronic Circuits.pdf2014-03-11 03:54 40K 
 Visual verification of IR pulses.pdf2021-04-26 02:40 70K 
 Voltmeter_with_led.gif2011-02-17 18:41 10K 
 Voltmeter_with_led.jpg2011-02-17 18:41 39K 
 WaterMark Detector.pdf2009-11-12 04:01 120K 
 White LED Controller with Optical Feedback.pdf2018-07-02 19:56 944K 
 Working with LED Display Drivers.pdf2009-05-09 05:05 1.1M 
 Working with Semiconductor Lasers.pdf2020-07-19 00:46 2.1M