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 12 dB Amplifier and High Current Line Driver with DC Servo.pdf2012-12-05 18:44 17K 
 20 dB Amplifier and High Current Balanced Line Driver.pdf2012-12-05 18:44 17K 
 A New Balanced Audio Input Circuit for Maximum Common-Mode Rejection in Real World Environments.pdf2012-12-05 18:40 109K 
 A generic version of the student handouts from Mr. Whitlock's seminars.pdf2012-12-05 18:39 1.4M 
 Alway On Signal Sensing Subwoofer Mute Circuit.pdf2012-12-05 18:47 10K 
 Amplifier with Feedback from Output Transformer.pdf2012-12-05 18:35 290K 
 An Introduction to Transformers in Audio Devices.pdf2013-03-20 16:32 166K 
 Answers to Common Questions about Audio Transformers.pdf2012-12-05 18:39 78K 
 Anti-RIAA Equalizer for Line to Mag Phono Converter.pdf2012-12-05 18:50 10K 
 Audio Transformers.zip2015-08-28 22:30 15M 
 Build the Hummer to Find Pin 1 Problems in Equipment.pdf2012-12-05 18:49 18K 
 Earthing (Grounding) Your Hi-Fi - Tricks and Techniques.mht2015-04-10 17:36 103K 
 External Isolation Transformer Box for Mackie (and other) Mixers Eliminates RFI Problems.pdf2012-12-05 18:48 13K 
 High Output Line Driver for Single Ended Power Supply.pdf2012-12-05 18:46 13K 
 Hybrid Networks.pdf1999-05-03 06:09 168K 
 JT-10K61-1M Line Driver uses Push-Pull Vacuum Tube Cascode Follower.pdf2012-12-05 18:43 11K 
 JT-10KB-D + JT-990-C + JT-11-BM = Ultra-High Performance Line Driver.pdf2012-12-05 18:44 15K 
 JT-10KB-D + JT-990-C + JT-123-BL = 50 Ohm Long Line Driver.pdf2012-12-05 18:45 18K 
 JT-11-BM + JT-990-C = Ultra-High Performance Output Stage.pdf2012-12-05 18:44 12K 
 JT-11-BM High Level High Current Differential Output Stage with DC Servo.pdf2012-12-05 18:45 18K 
 JT-11-FL provides Isolated Line Output from Guitar Amplifier.pdf2012-12-05 18:47 15K 
 JT-11-YZPC in Unbalanced Long Line Driver-Isolator.pdf2012-12-05 18:45 12K 
 JT-11P-1 Balanced XLR Input to Unbalanced RCA Output.pdf2012-12-05 18:43 11K 
 JT-11P-1 Conversion of Unbalanced Input to Balanced.pdf2012-12-05 18:46 14K 
 JT-11P-1 Receiver for Very Long Line Applications.pdf2012-12-05 18:42 16K 
 JT-11P-1 Unbalanced Automotive or Consumer Application.pdf2012-12-05 18:46 13K 
 JT-11P-1 as Phase Splitter with Symmetrical Outputs.pdf2012-12-05 18:43 12K 
 JT-11SSP-6M + JT-990-C + JT-123-BL = 50 Ohm Long Line Receiver and Driver.pdf2012-12-05 18:44 17K 
 JT-115K-E Cascode Tube Microphone Input Stage.pdf2012-12-05 18:42 14K 
 JT-123-S Differential Line Driver with Feedback Around the Transformer.pdf2012-12-05 18:45 14K 
 JT-DB-E Direct Box for Very High Level Signals.pdf2012-12-05 18:46 12K 
 JT-DB-E in Guitar to Amp Long Line Circuit.pdf2012-12-05 18:47 7.3K 
 JT-MB-C in Low Noise, High Isolation Line Receiver for Low-Z Sources.pdf2012-12-05 18:42 13K 
 JT-MB-D Converts 600 Ohm Unbal. Mic to 150 Ohm Balanced Mic Line.pdf2012-12-05 18:41 9.6K 
 Jensen System Troubleshooting Guide.pdf2012-12-05 18:39 115K 
 Langevin AM-16 Preamplifier CM-28121 CM-28122.pdf2012-12-05 18:36 156K 
 Mixed Feedback Drive Circuits For Audio Output Transformers.pdf2016-01-27 19:45 21K 
 NEVE 1 Dave Library 5.pdf2011-09-30 18:41 1.0M 
 Output Amplifier to Upgrade Neve BA282AV Circuit Board.pdf2012-12-05 18:48 15K 
 Output Transformer Design Procedure for a 12V PA Amplifier.pdf2009-08-28 04:20 104K 
 Output Transformer Design and Winding.doc2011-03-16 05:14 67K 
 Output Transformer Design and Winding.mht2014-01-20 18:31 35K 
 Output Transformer Design and Winding.xps2010-05-12 22:06 158K 
 Output Transformer Impedance.mht2016-05-24 22:38 35K 
 Output Transformer Lamination Selection AN-104.pdf2011-01-14 20:54 113K 
 Output Transformer Testing.mht2016-05-24 22:39 333K 
 Output Transformers.mht2016-05-24 22:46 6.7K 
 Output Transformers Tubelab.mht2016-05-24 22:44 1.6M 
 Puzzled About Output Transformers.pdf1999-05-06 07:13 283K 
 Reverse Engineering an Output Transformer - Nondestructively.doc2011-03-16 05:18 67K 
 Reverse Engineering an Output Transformer - Nondestructively.mht2014-01-20 18:33 35K 
 Reverse Engineering an Output Transformer - Nondestructively.xps2010-05-12 22:00 158K 
 Two JT-115K-E used in Symmetrical Mic Input Stage.pdf2012-12-05 18:41 9.9K 
 Valve Amps Output transformers.mht2016-05-24 22:39 687K 
 Winding Your Own Output Transformers.pdf2008-12-27 06:09 335K