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Energy Star Ratings for Power Supplies.pdf         19-Jul-2021 22:48    651K
Energy Star Specs for External Power Devices.pdf   06-Sep-2009 04:23     87K
Heat Controllers.pdf                               19-Jul-2023 23:21      2M
Human Body as an Energy Source, The.pdf            01-Nov-2022 12:49    172K
Making Your Electronic Devices More Power Effic..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49   1006K
New Motors Run on Power From Earth's Electric F..> 07-Apr-2022 04:48    307K
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Power Management Basics.pdf                        01-Nov-2022 12:49    810K
Power Watchdog.pdf                                 01-Nov-2022 12:49    453K
Powering the Internet Part 2 - UPS's EAB 2001-0..> 22-Apr-2024 03:48    463K
Reducing Power Consumprion in Battery Powered A..> 15-Aug-2023 04:02      2M
Reducing Power Consumption in Battery Powered A..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49    687K
Wireless Route to Energy Efficiency.pdf            01-Nov-2022 12:49    662K
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