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 7 Bit ASCII Chart.pdf2009-07-19 20:48 52K 
 1976 Letter from Bill Gates to Computer Hobbyists.pdf2018-01-12 03:27 841K 
 ASCII Chart.pdf2009-05-17 05:04 27K 
 A Visual Guide to Computer Cables and Connectors.doc2013-04-04 17:06 449K 
 Acer Presentation Key Information.pdf2010-01-11 03:10 150K 
 Analog Computer Circuits, Part 2 PE 1979-02.pdf2020-08-23 01:32 948K 
 Atmel AVR ISP Dongle.pdf2020-02-01 06:53 185K 
 Backup System.pdf2009-10-08 03:54 28K 
 Bill Gates Letter - May 1976 - Ocr.pdf2002-01-16 03:03 474K 
 Bluetooth Presentation.pdf2004-05-26 08:00 27K 
 Build Your Own PC Part 2 RE 1985-08.pdf2021-01-24 03:05 1.2M 
 Build a Macintosh Compatible Computer.pdf2018-06-03 21:55 11M 
 Card Reader for your PC.pdf2011-07-04 02:32 710K 
 Celebrity Computer Endorsements.pdf2017-11-26 21:52 727K 
 Computer Aided Logic Design Errata C&E 1983-05.pdf2020-03-04 23:41 336K 
 Computer Control For The Ramsey FTR-146 Errata 73 1993-05.pdf2021-01-19 02:23 356K 
 Computer Humor.zip2019-08-13 22:02 579K 
 Computing Comfort & Efficiency.pdf2020-02-12 03:16 2.0M 
 Data Converter for Apple II.pdf2020-03-06 04:07 1.2M 
 Early Days at Microsoft - 1985.pdf2014-03-11 02:54 489K 
 Getting into Computer Science.pdf2019-01-27 03:08 3.0M 
 HTML Quick Reference Guide.pdf2005-10-01 05:53 331K 
 Hex-ASCII-Decimal Conversion Errata C&E 1983-10.pdf2020-03-17 23:43 1.9M 
 How Not to be a Bad Coder.pdf2009-06-01 01:05 189K 
 How To Assemble A Desktop PC.pdf2012-03-25 22:26 1.0M 
 How to Become a Better Coder.pdf2018-01-02 03:53 2.2M 
 How to Build Your Own Computer in 1992.pdf2014-03-10 01:31 358K 
 Internet Language.pdf2005-10-01 05:53 436K 
 Make Your Own 1990s Mac.pdf2020-02-07 05:25 2.0M 
 Maximizing Your Computing Comfort.pdf2009-08-29 22:18 844K 
 Mega Mouse Launch Pad Instructions.pdf2018-01-11 04:15 1.3M 
 Memory Management Part 2.pdf2014-03-10 03:18 818K 
 Mengatasi Protek Pada Tv Sanyo.docx22010-06-04 02:58 14K 
 Microsoft and Intel Take on the World.pdf2011-07-05 05:21 447K 
 Modem Teleprotection.pdf2009-08-29 18:29 170K 
 Most Powerful Supercomputers Brains and Beauty.mht2014-01-11 05:06 5.7M 
 Null Modem Cable.gif2004-05-31 08:00 4.6K 
 PC Access Security ISA Card.pdf2019-06-11 05:17 2.2M 
 PC Based Voltage-Resistance-Capacitance Meter.pdf2009-10-12 01:23 892K 
 PC Volume Control Errata ME 1989-08.pdf2020-10-02 20:55 92K 
 Parsing Hackish - Computer Speak Explained.pdf2018-02-26 03:34 3.7M 
 Pic 84 Series Info.zip2004-05-26 08:00 282K 
 SBC88 Terrminal Hardware Manual.pdf2009-09-27 22:54 574K 
 SMC 7004B Router_Manual.pdf2003-06-10 18:56 867K 
 Solve all your PC problems.pdf2009-02-12 05:35 312K 
 Spot Color.pdf1996-12-03 18:47 40K 
 State of the Art in 1992.pdf2009-04-17 04:10 268K 
 Taking Control of Machine Vision.pdf2009-09-03 02:42 1.0M 
 The Colossus - First Electronic Computer.pdf2013-11-25 04:44 327K 
 The Evolution of Pentium.pdf2010-09-10 03:12 271K 
 The Great PC April Fools Joke.pdf2009-05-08 03:42 283K 
 The Hardware Book.zip2011-04-08 03:01 589K 
 What-are-some-things-non-programmers-say-that-frustrate-programmers.pdf2018-08-12 03:14 9.9M 
 What Are Open Systems.pdf2010-09-10 02:57 295K