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 10.1-trillion national debt - Let's cut taxes.mht2011-04-08 03:55 14K 
 10 Founding Fathers Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads Explode.pdf2019-05-30 23:04 61K 
 10 Founding Fathers Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads Explode Americans Against the Tea Party.mht2015-04-27 00:45 2.0M 
 20 Jesus Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads Explode Americans Against the Tea Party.mht2015-02-16 03:18 2.4M 
 2010 Federal Budget and R&D Spending.xps2010-04-25 01:57 343K 
 A Discussion on Abortion.xps2010-10-30 04:08 70K 
 A famed neoconservative switches sides on the Iraq war -- and all hell breaks loose - 2006.xps2010-10-27 01:52 299K 
 Affirmative Action - 10 Myths.pdf2017-04-16 19:05 2.2M 
 America's Jihad.pdf2019-02-24 06:47 2.1M 
 America's Middle-Class Is Losing Ground to Canada's - Bloomberg.pdf2019-08-30 23:08 564K 
 America, right and wrong 2006.xps2010-10-27 02:10 331K 
 American Reform Party.xps2010-10-30 05:00 96K 
 CANADA-USA INTEGRATION.xps2010-10-30 03:37 184K 
 CEOs and tea partiers - Shut up and pay taxes.xps2011-08-13 02:21 802K 
 Canada again points to U.S. numbers after Trump admits he concocted trade deficit claim.pdf2018-03-16 04:46 259K 
 Canadians invite California, Oregon and Washington to join Canada ThinkPol.mht2016-11-15 02:55 1.9M 
 Charlie Sykes on Where the Right Went Wrong - The New York Times.mht2017-02-06 00:14 1.4M 
 Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies 2006.xps2010-10-27 02:16 105K 
 Conflict Amongst Consensu.xps2010-10-30 03:46 137K 
 Drug Policy.xps2010-10-30 04:17 70K 
 Drugs - A war that cannot be won - 1992.pdf2009-05-25 20:33 831K 
 Drug war takes a flying LEAP 2007.xps2010-10-27 02:39 278K 
 Elvis Visits Nixon.pdf2007-02-26 04:34 587K 
 Federalism is a Crummy System.xps2010-10-30 04:52 110K 
 How Conservative Brains Are Wired Differently and What This Means for Our Politics Alternet.mht2015-04-27 00:45 2.9M 
 How We Became the United States of France.xps2010-10-27 04:23 267K 
 How marijuana became legal - Sep_ 11, 2009.mht2009-09-15 02:20 896K 
 I'm a conservative, but all I see are liberal answers.pdf2018-04-20 21:12 5.9M 
 Immigration Equality - TLM - Chapter 5.mht2009-09-10 03:14 285K 
 Is aviation security mostly for show.pdf2010-01-02 05:45 161K 
 Job creation.pdf2020-03-26 18:03 29K 
 Make A Run For the Altar.pdf2010-07-18 22:47 211K 
 MarijuanAmerica.xps2010-04-26 02:03 1.7M 
 NAFTA and Dairy.txt2020-01-23 03:07 2.6K 
 Neo-Conservative Viewpoints.jpg2019-02-24 06:53 535K 
 Obama vs Palin.xps2010-10-27 02:50 40K 
 Opinions on Cutting Social Security to Pay for Tax Cuts.pdf2019-02-04 02:32 1.2M 
 PJ and the Bear - A commentary on life in the Soviet Union in 1983.pdf2007-02-19 02:26 292K 
 Possible Solution to Drug Problem without Legalization.pdf2009-05-23 03:32 94K 
 Proposing an amendment to the US Constitution to Require a Balanced Budget.xps2010-10-28 02:20 39K 
 Reason for Concern.xps2010-10-30 03:48 99K 
 Right-Wing Conservatism Debunked by Jesus Christ Himself in Under 3 Minutes (Video) Americans Against the Tea Party.mht2014-04-20 23:13 1.3M 
 Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 1 - The Washington Post.mht2011-05-02 03:05 1.0M 
 Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 2 - The Washington Post.mht2011-05-02 03:06 1.0M 
 Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 3 - The Washington Post.mht2011-05-02 03:06 1.0M 
 Sins of the Fathers Visited on the Children - Yahoo! Answers.mht2009-09-02 05:11 765K 
 Speaking the Truth.xps2010-10-30 04:31 103K 
 The 48 Laws of Power.xps2010-10-27 01:37 178K 
 The 55 trillion question 1.xps2010-10-27 03:55 505K 
 The 55 trillion question 2.xps2010-10-27 03:56 437K 
 The Coming Storm.xps2010-10-28 02:33 76K 
 The Conflict in Israel.xps2010-10-30 04:14 84K 
 The Demonized Seed.mht2013-12-23 02:48 57K 
 The End of Men.xps2010-06-24 02:05 5.7M 
 The Failure of the American Experiment.xps2010-10-30 03:45 69K 
 The Fake Crisis- 2005.pdf2008-12-28 06:16 519K 
 The GOP's Dirty War.xps2010-04-26 02:05 2.0M 
 The New Order II by Carpathia.pdf2017-03-20 02:07 741K 
 The State of Handgun Control.pdf2009-04-17 04:20 80K 
 The Use and Abuse of Inquiries.pdf2018-11-15 03:12 2.1M 
 The War on Drugs and Treatment Issues 1993.pdf2009-04-17 04:18 120K 
 The Worker's Wordbook.pdf2017-06-05 00:22 749K 
 Typical 2019 Election Guide Book for a Developed Nation.pdf2019-11-08 03:04 1.4M 
 US State DEPT DISPATCH, VOLUME 6, NUMBER 10, MARCH 6, 1995.mht2010-10-27 04:02 228K 
 US drug war has met none of its goals.mht2011-04-08 03:56 8.3K 
 US vs. UK - A history of love and hate.xps2010-06-12 05:42 558K 
 Us Fatalities in Iraq.gif2005-12-02 01:11 11K 
 What I Want From The Democrats 2005.pdf2005-12-02 04:11 181K 
 What Orwell saw.xps2011-03-16 02:47 264K 
 What are Liberals.pdf2020-05-28 04:48 32K 
 What is a Real Conservative.pdf2020-05-28 04:47 44K 
 What is the best strategy for Republicans 2019.txt2019-02-15 04:52 22K 
 What is the best strategy for Republicans 2020.pdf2020-04-20 20:53 25K 
 What is the best strategy for Republicans in 2020.pdf2019-05-30 21:03 89K 
 Why Iraq Was a Mistake 1.xps2010-10-27 03:34 389K 
 Why Iraq Was a Mistake 2.xps2010-10-27 02:53 419K 
 Why Iraq Was a Mistake 3.xps2010-10-27 02:59 415K 
 Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying - The New York Times.mht2017-02-06 00:16 1.3M 
 Why Trump’s admission that he made stuff up to Justin Trudeau is particularly bad - The Washington Post.pdf2018-03-16 03:15 85K 
 Why Vote.PDF2005-12-02 02:30 74K 
 Womens Rights in Islam Brochure.pdf2018-06-03 22:16 1.1M 
 Yes California Independence Campaign_org-.mht2016-11-15 02:58 1.5M 
 _About This Section.txt2017-11-27 01:23 525