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 All About Calibration Errata RE 1988-06.pdf2020-07-08 02:38 315K 
 Crystal Frequency Calibrator.pdf2020-03-04 02:17 1.3M 
 Frequency Calibration Using WWV.pdf2021-05-22 03:20 2.6M 
 Pocket Calibrator Notes RE.pdf2020-02-24 05:04 598K 
 Pocket Calibrator for Volts and Ohms.pdf2019-01-31 02:56 3.9M 
 Precision Voltage-Current Reference.pdf2020-02-03 05:13 2.7M 
 Pulse Amplitude Reference.pdf2009-11-05 03:58 35K 
 Universal Frequency Reference.pdf2021-05-10 21:02 354K 
 Using LORAN-C for Calibration.pdf2020-10-21 22:07 1.7M