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 Air Hop Light Beam Communicator.pdf2014-03-10 03:25 1.7M 
 Bus Protection with Digital Isolators.pdf2020-01-13 23:27 459K 
 Experimenting with Light Beam Communications Errata.pdf2009-06-22 01:24 16K 
 Flashlight Communicator.jpg2019-05-02 04:03 133K 
 Flashlight Communicator.pdf2010-02-01 04:44 19K 
 Gp1U52X Infrared Received.pdf2005-12-07 02:01 319K 
 Infrared Communication.pdf2020-03-16 20:02 652K 
 Infrared Receiver.jpg2019-08-12 02:00 161K 
 Infrared Tranmitter Decoder.PDF2005-12-07 02:01 73K 
 Infrared Transmitter.jpg2019-08-12 01:59 196K 
 Infrared Transmitter Decoder.zip2005-12-07 02:08 21K 
 Infrared Voice Communicator.pdf2009-06-22 06:05 50K 
 Infrared Wireless Links Part 3.pdf2014-02-09 05:55 424K 
 Ir Headphones.jpg2005-12-07 02:08 27K 
 Ir Link.zip2005-12-07 02:08 20K 
 Ir Rs 232 Transceiver.ZIP2005-12-07 02:08 23K 
 Ir Type Data Link.ZIP2005-12-07 02:08 21K 
 LED Optical Transceiver System Part 3 73 2000-08.pdf2020-07-25 01:44 1.0M 
 Laser Diodes for High Speed Communications.pdf2009-06-22 02:05 206K 
 Laser Listener Comments.pdf2020-02-24 23:21 340K 
 Laser Video Transmitter.pdf2009-01-23 03:52 1.1M 
 Light Beam Communicator.pdf2020-02-23 22:47 862K 
 Light Comm.pdf2009-06-19 05:24 615K 
 Light Wave Receiver.pdf2011-05-16 02:46 23K 
 Light Wave Voice Commuicator.pdf2009-06-22 05:57 76K 
 Lite-Com.pdf2009-06-19 05:37 342K 
 Low-Cost Transmission Lines.pdf2021-02-02 04:44 330K 
 Low Cost Fiber Optic Link.pdf2020-02-08 05:34 1.1M 
 Optical Communications Circuits.pdf2009-05-20 04:52 213K 
 Optical Fiber Communications Part 2.pdf2019-04-30 01:42 910K 
 Opticom.pdf2009-06-19 06:12 695K 
 PC Serial Port IR Data Transmission.pdf2010-08-24 05:10 66K 
 Photonics.pdf2020-07-06 20:10 1.0M 
 Photophone.pdf2009-06-22 05:49 300K 
 Simple Laser Communicator.pdf2020-07-17 04:03 633K 
 Solar Powered Medium Wave Radio.pdf2020-03-02 05:21 126K 
 Test Device for the Laser-LED Communicator.pdf2020-08-25 20:31 771K 
 The Light Connection.pdf2010-09-10 03:01 76K 
 Transmitter for Fibre-Optic IR Extender.pdf2020-07-06 20:52 444K 
 Under-Carpet Fiber Optics.pdf2020-08-18 01:22 330K