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110V Detector.pdf                                  08-Nov-2023 01:30    179K
Assorted Fixed Voltage Power Supplies.pdf          04-Jan-2024 04:00      1M
Auxiliary Power Extends PoE Applications.pdf       03-Sep-2022 00:00      3M
Backing Up AC Power Supplies.pdf                   01-Nov-2022 12:49    536K
Chopper Circuit Assortment.pdf                     18-Dec-2023 21:22     83K
Collecting data in smart cities using energy ha..> 05-Oct-2022 23:58    657K
Cross Coupled Transistor Bridge.pdf                22-Oct-2022 20:13     26K
Crude but Simple Voltage Reducer.pdf               26-Sep-2023 03:43      1M
Delta sigma modulation for isolated digital pow..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49    246K
Fraser Electronics Sweep Generator for Alberta ..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49    896K
Green Standby Switch Project Safety Warning Ele..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49     72K
Hybrid High Voltage-High Frequency Switching.pdf   08-Mar-2020 01:47      2M
Ideal DIode Controller Eliminates Energy Wastin..> 10-Mar-2024 21:40      2M
Impulse Power.pdf                                  25-Jul-2023 20:13    797K
Jacob's Ladder.pdf                                 01-Nov-2022 12:49      3M
Memory-termination IC balances charges on serie..> 31-Oct-2023 03:48    130K
Operating a Sonalert from 240V AC.pdf              17-Jul-2023 03:34    279K
Opportunities in Power Electronics.pdf             01-Nov-2022 12:49     48K
Piezoceramics plus fiber optics boost isolation..> 18-Nov-2023 01:39      2M
Power Circuits -                          01-Nov-2022 12:49     42K
Power Cut Alert.pdf                                06-Nov-2023 04:23    385K
Power Electronics Milestones that Mattered.pdf     01-Nov-2022 12:49    288K
Power Supply Active Load Notes.PDF                 01-Nov-2022 12:49    137K
Power Supply Capacitor Fast Discharger.pdf         01-Nov-2022 12:49    459K
Power Supply Cycler.pdf                            01-Nov-2022 12:49     98K
Powering the Internet Part 3 The UPS Maplin 200..> 25-Dec-2022 04:30    353K
Precision Active Load.pdf                          01-Nov-2022 12:49     92K
Recycling Electronics Hearing by the US Senate.pdf 01-Nov-2022 01:41      7M
Shunt regulator serves as inexpensive op-amp in..> 22-Oct-2022 20:05    116K
Simple circuit controls the rate of voltage cha..> 26-Dec-2023 22:52    228K
Single IC biases LCD and GaAsFET amplifier.pdf     24-Nov-2023 04:56     31K
USB Power Injector.pdf                             27-Apr-2023 02:57      1M
Voltage to Pulse Width Converter.pdf               01-Nov-2022 12:49    480K