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60V Synchronous Step-Down High Current LED Driv..> 22-Jun-2022 04:35    171K
DC Operated Flourescent Lights and other Circui..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49      2M
Designing Energy- Efficient Handheld Illuminati..> 19-Jul-2021 22:44    154K
Electric Lighting in 1920 - Olin Jerome Ferguso..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49     17M
Energy Sharing—The Key to Preventing LED Driv..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49      1M
Interference from Light Dimmers.pdf                01-Nov-2022 12:49    376K
LED Light Bulb Circuit and Design Information.pdf  01-Nov-2022 12:49    354K
MOSFET Based Line Voltage Light Dimmer.pdf         21-Aug-2022 05:09    247K
Realization of an dimmable electronic ballast f..> 03-Oct-2022 22:30      1M
Selecting the Best Inductors for DC-DC Converte..> 01-Nov-2022 12:49    606K
Simple 5V to High Voltage 10mA DC-DC Converter.pdf 01-Nov-2022 12:49    471K
Smart Switch.pdf                                   11-Oct-2022 02:32    256K
White LED Backlight Regulator.pdf                  09-Mar-2020 00:30     85K