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 Official Souvenir Map Expo 67.pdf2007-02-15 05:18 118M 
 Hollywood Sign.pdf2009-11-09 03:37 219K 
 Strange Geographies - East LA’s Abandoned Hospital.xps2010-05-15 16:53 532K 
 Strange Geographies - Searching for the “Real” Venice.xps2010-05-15 16:59 1.3M 
 California’s Weirdest Rocks - The Tufa.xps2010-05-15 17:14 448K 
 Mojave Desert’s Airplane Graveyard.xps2010-05-15 17:19 1.1M 
 Rotunda Sands “Aborted Suburb”.xps2010-05-15 17:24 449K 
 Salton Sea.xps2010-09-08 04:02 539K 
 Orange Coast.xps2010-10-28 04:40 51K 
 1000 Desert Miles on the Southwest Chief.xps2010-10-30 04:05 93K 
 Barstow, California.xps2010-10-30 04:09 91K 
 Airport Security and Transgender People - 2013-11.pdf2013-11-28 01:59 131K 
 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver - LA Times.mht2013-12-23 02:42 8.9M 
 American Highway System as a Subway Map.jpg2014-01-27 16:32 64K 
 Travel Checklist.pdf2014-02-03 01:40 237K 
 11 signs you were born and raised in California.mht2014-04-16 02:37 1.0M 
 7 signs you were born and raised in Canada - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 02:41 800K 
 12 signs you were born and raised in Los Angeles - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 02:43 894K 
 7 signs you were born and raised in Pittsburgh - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 02:50 858K 
 13 moments of culture shock for the first-time American traveler - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 02:53 860K 
 10 signs you're still a tourist in San Francisco - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 02:59 930K 
 Why San Francisco hates Los Angeles - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 03:09 1.0M 
 23 things that suck about living in San Francisco and 5 that make it worth it - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 03:14 1.0M 
 11 signs you were born and raised around DC - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 03:21 852K 
 6 signs you're still a tourist in Canada - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 03:59 791K 
 21 things that suck about living in New York (and 5 that make it worth it) - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:07 799K 
 32 Things You Hear in Southern California Every Day.mht2014-04-16 04:20 2.2M 
 What NOT to do in New York City - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:22 1.0M 
 10 things that make Britain kinda weird (and 5 I've missed) - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:30 785K 
 9 signs you're not in Kansas anymore - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:33 856K 
 Why you can't make it in New York - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:37 1.0M 
 What it’s like when an American visits Australia for the first time - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:39 1.1M 
 13 reasons you'll never be Argentine - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:42 1.0M 
 15 reasons you're wrong about the South - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:45 850K 
 8 things Americans need to realize about Canada - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:54 795K 
 11 things you should never say to a Canadian - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:55 1.1M 
 As an Asian-Canadian, I can't count how many times this has happened to me - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:57 1.0M 
 Busted 6 British stereotypes about Americans - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 04:58 837K 
 31 signs you were born and raised in Florida - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 05:03 814K 
 15 ways to stand out as a tourist in Florida - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 05:10 919K 
 Freedom and coffee 10 reasons this Brit wishes she were American.mht2014-04-16 05:11 938K 
 London Tube survival guide - Matador Network.mht2014-04-16 05:14 1.2M 
 Hells Gate Airtram Information.pdf2014-04-18 21:59 138K 
 35,000 Feet of Friendship.xps2016-01-27 19:47 117K 
 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.xps2016-01-27 19:47 2.0M 
 A Tradeshow, I-95, and a Race through New England.xps2016-01-27 19:47 148K 
 A Utopian Ghost Town in the California Desert.xps2016-01-27 19:47 964K 
 A Vancouver Dawn.xps2016-01-27 19:47 70K 
 Amtrak and the Right to Know Your Nation.xps2016-01-27 19:47 71K 
 Canadians in LA.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 113K 
 Cheap Moving to California.xps2016-01-27 19:47 42K 
 Coast Starlight.xps2016-01-27 19:47 73K 
 Community Train.xps2016-01-27 19:47 72K 
 Desolation Vacation - Mina, Nevada.xps2016-01-27 19:47 559K 
 Frequent Flyer Miles.xps2016-01-27 19:47 99K 
 Getting my Kicks.xps2016-01-27 19:47 106K 
 Grand Coulee 1997 Brochure.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 76K 
 Highland Highways and Hideouts.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 1.3M 
 It Never Rains in Southern California.xps2016-01-27 19:47 96K 
 Making Urban Transportation Environmentally Feasible.xps2016-01-27 19:47 128K 
 Moving to Orange County from Canada.xps2016-01-27 19:47 83K 
 OIL in LA.xps2016-01-27 19:47 1.0M 
 Strange Geographies - Bombay Beach.xps2016-01-27 19:47 762K 
 Strange Geographies - Joshua Tree National Park.xps2016-01-27 19:47 1.1M 
 Strange Geographies - The Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia.xps2016-01-27 19:47 1.8M 
 Strange Geographies - The Salton Sea.xps2016-01-27 19:47 540K 
 Strange Geographies - the Forgotten High School of Goldfield, Nevada.xps2016-01-27 19:47 897K 
 Strange Geographies - the House on Ghost Mountain.xps2016-01-27 19:47 756K 
 Sunscreen Now, or Solarcaine Later.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 56K 
 Surviving Tokyo's Prices.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 90K 
 The Little Town That Los Angeles Killed.xps2016-01-27 19:47 638K 
 Travel Bug - 2009-01-25 Huntington, West Virginia (...pdf2016-01-27 19:47 57K 
 Travel Tips - Germany.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 931K 
 Vancouver engineers its own urban dream.pdf2016-01-27 19:47 30K 
 Arlington Cemetery 1979 Tour Book.pdf2017-03-17 01:27 3.2M 
 Canadian Passport Info 2017.pdf2017-04-14 18:43 776K 
 Taking the Long View - Panaoramic Photography.pdf2017-05-22 02:52 1.3M 
 When a Canadian needs to enter a zip code.txt2019-05-28 03:48 284  
 Petersen Museum Guide.pdf2019-07-26 04:16 882K 
 Bon voyage, but... essential information for Canadian travellers.pdf2019-11-08 03:24 1.4M 
 Living abroad – a Canadian's guide to working, studying, volunteering or retiring in a foreign country.pdf2019-11-08 03:24 1.4M 
 Her own way – a woman's safe-travel guide.pdf2019-11-08 03:25 278K 
 Hurricane season travel tips.pdf2019-11-08 03:25 279K 
 Advice for cruise travellers.pdf2019-11-08 03:25 209K 
 Registration of Canadians Abroad.pdf2019-11-08 03:26 3.3M 
 Death Abroad factsheet.pdf2019-11-08 03:26 280K 
 The 3Rs of International Travel.pdf2019-11-08 03:26 2.6M 
 Say Yes to Travel Insurance.pdf2019-11-08 03:26 508K 
 Canadian Consular Services Charter.pdf2019-11-08 03:27 415K 
 Well on your way – a Canadian’s guide to healthy travel abroad.pdf2019-11-08 03:27 434K 
 Advice for Canadians in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.pdf2019-11-08 03:27 1.3M 
 Advice for Canadians in Arizona.pdf2019-11-08 03:27 1.7M 
 Travelling with children.pdf2019-11-08 03:28 211K 
 A Guide for Canadians Detained Abroad.pdf2019-11-08 03:28 502K 
 Drugs and travel do’s and don’ts.pdf2019-11-08 03:28 64K 
 Emergency contact card.pdf2019-11-08 03:28 1.9M 
 Traveller's checklist.pdf2019-11-08 03:28 143K 
 You know You're in Vancouver when.txt2020-01-23 02:59 3.0K