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 10 Tips for Predicting Component Temperatures.pdf2016-02-16 16:59 1.2M 
 IEC 529-IP Environmental Ratings (3-99).mht2011-04-06 17:24 37K 
 IEC 529-IP Environmental Ratings (3-99).xps2011-03-18 03:47 190K 
 IP Environmental Ratings.pdf2020-01-27 00:44 109K 
 Mounting Considerations for Power Semiconductors.pdf2008-04-06 22:46 263K 
 Panel Spacing of Components.xls2013-04-08 19:01 15K 
 Practical Surface Mount.pdf1998-10-26 02:45 50K 
 Produce Practically Perfect Prototypes Enclosures content from Electronic Design.mht2016-04-05 16:30 2.3M 
 Strategies for Design Efficiency.pdf2016-04-14 17:54 2.2M