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 Reduction of hazardous Substance RoHS.pdf2012-12-05 18:36 1.5M 
 Advances_in_Ceramics_-_Electric_and_Magnetic_Ceramics__Bioceramics__Ceramics_and_Environment.pdf2012-03-24 02:13 51M 
 Metal Properties - Samuel L. Hoyt.pdf2012-03-18 05:35 22M 
 Metallography of Aluminum Alloys - Lucio F. Mondolfo.pdf2012-03-18 05:33 0  
 Carbon_Nanotubes_-_Growth_and_Applications.pdf2012-03-09 02:19 53M 
 Advances_in_Modern_Woven_Fabrics_Technology.pdf2012-03-09 02:08 22M 
 Composite materials handbook vol 1.pdf2012-03-08 03:58 4.4M 
 Handbook of material science mats-v2.pdf2012-03-08 03:50 968K 
 Handbook of material science mats-v1.pdf2012-03-08 03:50 1.4M 
 Loctite Speaker Adhesive Guide by Howard Doctor.pdf2005-07-06 17:22 732K