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 Absolute Maximun Ratings.pdf2010-01-08 05:15 100K 
 Application Considerations for MOSFETs in VHF Circuits.pdf2021-03-24 20:42 482K 
 Basic Design Considerations of Power Transistors.pdf2020-08-07 23:12 598K 
 Bipolar Transistors.pdf2020-01-31 21:46 333K 
 Counterfeit Transistors (and More).pdf2007-09-23 02:29 27K 
 ECG To Original Parts.pdf2010-06-13 04:54 822K 
 Elector Magazine TUP TUN DUG DUS.pdf2014-04-18 04:17 97K 
 Field Effect Transistors/2021-07-16 03:23 -  
 Gate Turn Off Thyristors.pdf2010-05-31 20:23 296K 
 High Frequency Switching Behaviour of Power MOSFETs.pdf2020-02-29 07:27 197K 
 International Rectifier-SCR Applications Handbook.pdf2020-02-12 23:19 142M 
 Introduction to Elektor TUP-TUN-DUG-DUS.pdf2020-03-08 01:16 262K 
 Isolated IGBT Gate Drivers.pdf2010-06-16 04:44 133K 
 Junction Field-Effect Transistors.pdf2020-01-31 21:39 467K 
 LM195 Protected Power Transistor Applications.pdf2020-06-04 21:00 952K 
 Lambda Diode Config.jpg2010-02-02 18:40 11K 
 Leadless Power Packages.pdf2020-06-12 20:31 2.3M 
 Measuring Saturation Voltage in Power Transistors.pdf2021-05-22 03:31 39K 
 Measuring Transistor Gain.pdf2011-08-24 03:20 30K 
 Measuring the Pinch Off Voltage of FETs.pdf2019-12-05 23:00 818K 
 Operating Conditions for Solid State Devices.pdf2017-11-08 01:47 3.6M 
 PNP Transistor replacement.pdf2009-01-12 02:26 105K 
 Packaging, Handling and Mounting of Power Transistors.pdf2020-08-18 22:40 516K 
 Power Transistor Drilling Template.pdf2009-12-03 05:35 17K 
 Power Transistor Packaging, Handling, and Mounting.pdf2020-08-07 23:13 366K 
 Power Transistor Ratings and Characteristics.pdf2020-08-18 22:41 1.4M 
 Programmable Unijunction Transistor Info.pdf2009-10-01 04:11 921K 
 RCA Power Transistor Applications Manual.pdf2020-07-26 03:37 10M 
 SBS and SUS Information.pdf2014-04-16 03:44 355K 
 SCR Misc Information.pdf2010-06-01 05:41 667K 
 Semiconductor Graphical Symbols.pdf2014-03-11 03:56 33K 
 Silicon Germanium Technology.pdf2009-08-23 20:46 787K 
 Silicon Transistors for High Voltage Applications.pdf2017-11-08 01:50 5.4M 
 Simulating an NPN-PNP Pair for High Voltage Switching.pdf2010-06-07 00:05 55K 
 Super Zener.pdf2009-11-05 04:38 30K 
 TUP-TUN-DUG-DUS Program.pdf2010-06-14 03:49 84K 
 Teccor Alternistors.pdf2001-02-23 15:06 277K 
 Teccor Triacs.pdf2001-02-23 15:05 516K 
 The Lambda Diode - A negative resistance device.pdf2009-05-25 03:31 308K 
 The Negistor.pdf2021-02-21 02:32 165K 
 The Silicon Controlled Switch.pdf2009-10-22 04:26 304K 
 Thermal-Cycling Rating System for Silicon Power Transistors.pdf2017-11-08 02:17 2.0M 
 Thyristors.pdf2014-04-22 03:56 559K 
 Transistor Cross Reference.pdf2009-11-10 18:45 273K 
 Transistor Equvalants.pdf2010-06-15 22:03 3.0M 
 Triac Misc Information.pdf2010-05-31 20:17 1.8M 
 Tunnel Diode Misc Information.pdf2010-05-31 20:58 424K 
 Unijunction Transistor Information.pdf2009-09-30 05:05 2.6M