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 12 Bit 8 Channel Data Acquisition System Interfaces to IBM PC Serial Port.pdf2020-07-24 05:31 343K 
 Analog Computer Interface.pdf2020-12-22 00:52 747K 
 C64 Printer Interface.zip2006-02-16 03:22 135K 
 Calculator-Computer Interfacing.pdf2005-02-14 02:14 38K 
 Computer Port Protection.pdf2020-08-14 19:43 3.0M 
 Computer Vocal Interface.pdf2010-06-03 03:55 694K 
 Computerized Control and Monitoring.pdf2020-08-23 23:48 673K 
 Control Appliances From Parallel Port.jpg2004-05-31 08:00 25K 
 Control individual parallel port lines directly.zip2008-09-30 23:26 44K 
 DMX-3191D SCSI card Installation Info.zip2010-02-28 22:21 421K 
 Data Converter for the Apple II Part 2.pdf2020-03-13 05:11 1.4M 
 Device Control Via a Parallel Port.pdf2020-02-01 06:39 484K 
 Firecracker Wireless Computer Interface Kit.pdf2014-03-11 02:57 70K 
 GP Interface Board for ISA Bus PCs.pdf2020-06-29 04:52 1.1M 
 GW2760 Super I-O Card Manual.pdf2009-04-03 04:47 40K 
 Home Control Computer Part 3.pdf2020-02-24 01:49 861K 
 Interfacing serial and parallel ports.pdf2020-03-15 22:01 8.4M 
 Interfacing the PC 02 ETT 1989-02.pdf2020-05-29 03:03 2.6M 
 Interfacing the PC 06 ETT 1989-06.pdf2020-07-26 02:03 2.1M 
 Interfacing the PC Serial Port (RS232).pdf2005-02-15 12:20 140K 
 Loopback_Plugs.pdf1998-07-22 11:25 14K 
 MIDI Interface for your PC.pdf2010-09-10 03:34 1.1M 
 Making A Parallel Port Bi-Directional.txt2004-05-26 08:00 15K 
 Null Modem Cable Wiring.jpg2004-12-06 05:54 36K 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 01 ETT 1989-01.pdf2020-12-22 00:18 2.8M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 03 ETT 1989-03.pdf2020-07-23 02:35 1.7M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 04 ETT 1989-04.pdf2020-08-25 21:28 3.8M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 07 ETT 1989-07.pdf2021-04-26 03:03 3.7M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 08 ETT 1989-08.pdf2020-05-31 21:24 1.8M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 10 ETT 1989-10.pdf2020-08-25 01:13 2.7M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 11 ETT 1989-11.pdf2020-11-30 01:17 3.4M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 12 ETT 1989-12.pdf2020-07-27 00:24 2.2M 
 PC Hardware Interfacing 13 ETT 1990-01.pdf2020-02-23 23:00 810K 
 PC I-O Interface Electronics Now 1985-07 Pages71-72.pdf2018-07-25 21:08 1.6M 
 PC Interface for Ninento 64 Joystick.pdf2020-06-08 02:53 194K 
 PC To TV Converter.pdf2009-05-14 05:01 1.0M 
 Parallel Port Control.pdf2004-05-26 08:00 146K 
 Parallel Port Information.zip2006-02-17 02:56 286K 
 Parallel Port Interface - 24 Line.PDF2004-05-26 08:00 521K 
 Parallel Port Interfacing Information - Assorted.zip2006-02-16 03:21 832K 
 Parallel Port Relay Driver Software K74 Dos.zip2005-03-27 06:26 28K 
 Parallel Port Relay Driver Software K74 Win3.zip2005-03-27 06:27 99K 
 Pc Interfacing.zip2003-11-13 06:34 282K 
 Pc Interfacing 2.zip2003-11-14 03:53 103K 
 Pcmcia Connector Pinout.txt2004-05-26 08:00 4.5K 
 REACTS Control System Part 4.pdf2020-02-24 23:30 2.2M 
 RS232 to TTL Level Converter.pdf2004-05-26 08:00 250K 
 USB Device Emulator.pdf2009-07-27 04:12 237K 
 Versatile Analog Interface for Your Computer.pdf2018-02-26 03:44 2.6M