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06-18-19 1178849  16 Things I Would Want, If I Got Dementia – Purple Elephant.mht
06-19-19 144290  4 hidden costs of health care.pdf
06-19-19 307624  A gap in GOP candidates' healthcare proposals - 2008.xps
06-19-19 119288  AMA plan won't cure coverage gap 2007.xps
06-18-19 80006  Aid against insomnia.xps
06-19-19 334270  Asperger's disorder.xps
06-19-19 297576  Atlanta hospital struggles to heal itself 2007.xps
06-19-19 2044022  Basic_Physics_of_Nuclear_Medicine.pdf
06-19-19 287219  Battling The Common Cold.pdf
06-18-19 364789  Blue Cross cuts causing pain.xps
06-19-19 264604  Bone Transplants.pdf
06-19-19 783014  California Dental Material Fact Sheet - Keep Amalgam Out Of Your Kids Mouths.pdf
06-19-19 395068  Canada's healthcare saved her - Ours won't cover her.xps
06-19-19 1929204  Cancer A run a day keeps the tumour at bay The Economist.mht
06-19-19 282461  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.pdf
06-19-19 2389776  Cataract Surgery Post Operative Instructions.pdf
06-19-19 888651  Cataracts.pdf
06-19-19 262118  Chest Pain.xps
06-19-19 321668  Cold-weather_friends___The_Economist.pdf
06-19-19 1002062  Computer Ergonomics.pdf
06-19-19 98484  Conscious Obstructed Airway- Adult-Child and Infant.xps
06-19-19 285509  Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.xps
06-19-19 484018  DNA Lab Chip.pdf
06-19-19 1072225  Detecting Signs of Heart Attack.pdf
06-19-19 145406  Detection and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.xps
06-19-19 118290  Digoxin Delusions.pdf
06-19-19 448354  Exercises for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.pdf
06-19-19 7122  Female Heart Attacks.txt
06-19-19 288193  Foods And Drugs That Don't Mix.pdf
06-19-19 119294  For the Common Good, for Canada.xps
06-19-19 439876  Fundamentals of Hearing.pdf
06-19-19 315802  Government can't ban drug advertising, but it can take the life out of the ads.xps
06-19-19 7790643  Handbook to Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Living.pdf
06-19-19 102967  Hangover Remedies.pdf
06-19-19 165932  Health Care Is Not A Right 1998.xps
06-19-19 125524  Health Care Policy in Canada.xps
06-19-19 167625  Health Care Policy.xps
06-18-19 609353  Hearing Health - Unsafe Levels.pdf
06-19-19 1657568  Heart Attack Symptoms.pdf
06-19-19 19694  Heart Attack Warning Signs.pdf
06-19-19 487321  Heart Attack.pdf
06-19-19 187785  Herbal Prostate Cure - Maybe.pdf
06-18-19 2013081  How Washington is screwing up health care reform.xps
06-19-19 86749  How the Mind Processes the Placebo Effect.xps
06-19-19 2948455  How to Try to Live Forever.pdf
06-18-19 312965  Huntington, W. Virginia shrugs at poorest health ranking.xps
06-19-19 651686  Implants Keep The Blood Flowing.pdf
06-19-19 368139  Innovate to cut health costs 2008.xps
06-19-19 499918  Joint Canada-United States Survey of Health.pdf
06-19-19 563479  Keyboards and Computer Related Pain.pdf
06-19-19 186361  Making Medical Treatment Decisions.pdf
06-19-19 1245396  Making Stress Work For You.pdf
06-19-19 72681  Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus.xps
06-19-19 189368  Mandatory insurance isn't reform 2007.xps
06-19-19 443030  Medical Care - Commercial Commodity or Social Good.xps
06-19-19 13083610  Medicare - Can We Afford to Lose It.pdf
06-19-19 117255  Medicare - For the Common Good, for Canada.xps
06-19-19 293305  Medicare and Industry - Jan 2003.xps
06-19-19 462194  Mueller 6441 Knee Brace Instructions.pdf
06-19-19 149036  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.pdf
06-19-19 6987348  Neck Owner's Manual.pdf
06-19-19 2144418  Neuroscience Proves What We've Known All Along Gender Exists on a Spectrum  Ravishly.mht
06-19-19 2049499  Neurostimulation - Hacking your brain The Economist.mht
06-19-19 312671  New osteoporosis drug cuts fracture risk.xps
06-19-19 199925  No insurance is a roll of the dice.xps
06-19-19 84129  Nuclear Pacemakers.pdf
06-19-19 168082  Nurse-Patient Ratios in California.xps
06-19-19 352281  Obeisity Maybe Caused by a Virus - 1997.pdf
06-19-19 245563  Occupational Health Noise Regulations.pdf
06-19-19 248439  Osteoporosis Medications and Alternative Osteoporosis Treatments.xps
06-18-19 1296852  Phobias.pdf
06-19-19 7632862  Physical Fitness - What It Means.pdf
06-19-19 1050493  Pittsburgh The Birthplace of America's EMT Services - CityLab.mht
06-19-19 380340  Questions about Canada's Health Care System.xps
06-19-19 294694  Reducing Your Child's Exposure to Lead in the Environment.pdf
06-19-19 53499  Ritter Rules.pdf
06-19-19 128489  Root Canal Pain Medication Instructions.pdf
06-19-19 7948966  Royal Canadian Air Force XBX Fitness Plan.pdf
06-19-19 758539  Snoezelen Room Information.pdf
06-19-19 6747551  Staying Young.pdf
06-19-19 18734  Stroke Warning Signs.pdf
06-19-19 82781  Stroke and Heart Attack Warning Signs.pdf
06-19-19 36073839  Telemedicine Techniques and Applications.pdf
06-18-19 150013  Testing Muscle Fatigue.xps
06-19-19 116646  The Broadening Occurrences of Consent Free Pregnancy Tests.xps
06-19-19 3876966  The Future of US Healthcare as seen in 1996.pdf
06-19-19 539568  The Health Care Reconciliation Bill of 2010 - Commonly called Obamacare.pdf
06-19-19 1182820  The Mind Fields.pdf
06-18-19 1581241  The Sources of Muscular Energy.pdf
06-19-19 627937  The worst-run industry in Canada - Health care.xps
06-19-19 5110316  Typical Document - Preparing for Your Surgery and Hospital Stay.pdf
06-19-19 80085  US Prescription Drug Policy 2004.xps
06-19-19 3772639  Understanding Cardiomyopathy - Copyright.pdf
06-19-19 297075  WellPoint Profit Up, Coverage Is Down 2006.xps
06-19-19 360119  What US health reform means for you 2009.xps
06-19-19 163005  What do we need health insurers for anyway.xps
06-19-19 398129  What's so great about private health insurance.xps
06-19-19 114091  When You’re Ready, Let Us Know.xps
06-19-19 58247  Why For Profit Companies should not run hospitals.xps
06-19-19 100740  Why are Drugs cheaper in Canada.xps
06-19-19 692830  Wishful Thinking on Alcohol and Heart Disease.pdf

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