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Still online, we are. The code for this website is getting old, but still works well as far as I've seen. I may update it with new code and new features eventually, one day when I have both free time and focus. Until then, the content is still useful, I'm keeping it online. Comments and donations are welcome, but include your email address if you want a reply.

Ideas for the future of the site -
Here are some ideas I've been brainstorming. I don't think to much of the site should change, because it has been successful all these years with very little change. still nearly 1000 visitors a day to the site!
  • donations - I think it might be time to make some changes to the donations. I would rather see people get a lifetime membership and not have to worry about an expire date. here's an idea, a smaller recurring payment monthly, or 4 times a year, then maybe offer a second option, donate enough to cover the cost of the server for one month and you'll get a lifetime membership that never expires.
  • automated account creation - the membership process should be automated. I rarely hear a complaint about anything, but I don't think people feel so safe emailing me a username and password to set up an account. I think people may feel more safe dealing with an automated system. make a donation, then type your account into right in to the computer and have it set up on the spot.
  • members only forum - the site doesn't seem to need a full forum, but it could still benefit from a single simple board or mailing list, maybe. still optional, but maybe only available to members. non-members wouldn't be able to post on or see the forum. for those who donate to openly communicate.
You can send me your comments in the form above. I'm not putting any work into these changes without getting feedback from you!
If we have any web developers out there, we'd love your help! come on, my birthday's tomorrow!

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We are currently using vbulletin, but maybe there's a simpler alternative that would better fit the site. What do you think of this one? Please let us know what you think, keep vBulletin, or switch to SEO. Comment box is below.

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this week, we've moved the website to a bigger faster server. we have doubled the weekly download limit to 20mb and are now allowing hot-linking, so more people can get the documents they're looking for. this new server is still relatively low cost, but is a bit more to pay for each month then the last server. we still need your donations to help with this. thank you all who have supported the site and community!!!

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08-15-20 277266  9 Things To Do When Your Identity is Stolen.mht
08-11-20 35911  Additional Functions for Cheap Calculators.pdf
08-06-20 998115  Advance Care Planning.pdf
08-09-20 43660  Alcohol Impairment Chart.pdf
07-22-20 3184871  Be Ready for Emergencies.pdf
08-13-20 88253  Beat Calculator Display Limits with Polynomial Expansion.pdf
08-09-20 313760  Bike-Mate Voyageur Car Rack Instructions.pdf
08-08-20 61254  Canes - Using them safely.pdf
08-06-20 85030  Choosing the Right Shoe.pdf
08-14-20 608654  Conjuring At Home_.mht
08-06-20 153210  Crib Trick.jpg
08-12-20 746742  Driver's Test Crib Sheet.pdf
08-06-20 10923  Finding Powers.pdf
08-12-20 32117  Form to use in case serivces are denied becaus of refusalto divulge Social Security Number.xps
08-09-20 319036  Freeze Out Bed Bugs.pdf
08-09-20 6295078  Graph Paper.pdf
08-04-20 166125  Hair Volume Boosters Instructions.pdf
08-04-20 226899  Home Office Design Tips.pdf
08-09-20 25037  How To Detect Forged Email.pdf
08-03-20 48629  How To Make Paper-Mache.pdf
08-04-20 245345  How to Tie a Tie.pdf
08-08-20 92022  Instaslit Instructions.pdf
08-11-20 132498  Joinery with Invisible Nails.pdf
08-06-20 133563  Opening blister packs.jpg
08-06-20 482133  Party Tricks.pdf
08-06-20 118607  Plug Saver.jpg
08-06-20 91908  Quick furniture touch up.jpg
08-06-20 149044  Seasoning of Wood.pdf
08-04-20 3619557  Shaving Information.pdf
08-06-20 240006  Shoe Lacing Tricks.jpg
08-11-20 28037  Sim City 2000 Cheat Codes.pdf
08-11-20 114771  Statistical Lore for Everyday Living.pdf
08-07-20 830201  Steps to Proper Hand Washing.pdf
08-06-20 110829  Tangled Cord Solution.jpg
08-06-20 98446  Tape Trick.jpg
08-11-20 663265  Tips On Working With Masonite Panels.pdf
08-11-20 103681  Tying A Tie.pdf

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