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Still online, we are. The code for this website is getting old, but still works well as far as I've seen. I may update it with new code and new features eventually, one day when I have both free time and focus. Until then, the content is still useful, I'm keeping it online. Comments and donations are welcome, but include your email address if you want a reply.

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Here are some ideas I've been brainstorming. I don't think to much of the site should change, because it has been successful all these years with very little change. still nearly 1000 visitors a day to the site!
  • donations - I think it might be time to make some changes to the donations. I would rather see people get a lifetime membership and not have to worry about an expire date. here's an idea, a smaller recurring payment monthly, or 4 times a year, then maybe offer a second option, donate enough to cover the cost of the server for one month and you'll get a lifetime membership that never expires.
  • automated account creation - the membership process should be automated. I rarely hear a complaint about anything, but I don't think people feel so safe emailing me a username and password to set up an account. I think people may feel more safe dealing with an automated system. make a donation, then type your account into right in to the computer and have it set up on the spot.
  • members only forum - the site doesn't seem to need a full forum, but it could still benefit from a single simple board or mailing list, maybe. still optional, but maybe only available to members. non-members wouldn't be able to post on or see the forum. for those who donate to openly communicate.
You can send me your comments in the form above. I'm not putting any work into these changes without getting feedback from you!
If we have any web developers out there, we'd love your help! come on, my birthday's tomorrow!

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08-06-20 5556980  Acid Rain.pdf
08-09-20 18901117  Animal Card Free Samples.pdf
07-31-20 533331  Are Ions Good For You.pdf
08-02-20 664875  Clean Air Paints.pdf
08-11-20 1645867  Clean Coal technologies.pdf
08-15-20 2070190  Coal's Toxic Sludge.xps
07-01-20 118438  DOE Carbon Sequestration Regional Partnerships.pdf
08-12-20 68786  Don't Flush Trouble.pdf
08-04-20 95022  Electronics Recycling Issues.pdf
08-14-20 43942  Electronics Recycling.PDF
07-01-20 116791  Emission Free Car and Truck Recycling.pdf
08-07-20 820729  Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2000.pdf
08-12-20 445161  Energy Myths.pdf
08-09-20 2600261  Green Bin Information.pdf
08-09-20 282926  How Plants Share Water.pdf
07-03-20 940547  Minimizing Environmental Impact in Your Design.pdf
08-13-20 2014580  Pains and gains of tree planters.mht
08-13-20 358273  Palin asks Schwarzenegger to veto fees aimed at cutting pollution at California ports.xps
08-11-20 182025  Radon Blocking House.pdf
08-02-20 69961  Recycling Program Guide.pdf
08-13-20 984963  Returnit Express Information for BC.pdf
08-14-20 84842  San Joaquin Valley Pollution.xps
08-15-20 69772  Save Energy - Buy a Hummer.pdf
08-09-20 1408631  Save the Planet.pdf
08-08-20 378707  Strange Bedfellows.pdf
08-11-20 136747  Sunshine-to-Petrol Project Seeks Fuel From Thin Air.pdf
08-04-20 1744433  The Disposal of Waste in the Ocean.pdf
08-06-20 302721  The Legacy of Hanford.pdf
08-06-20 5077378  The Oil Sands.pdf
08-10-20 1463098  The Oldest Trees on the Planet.xps
08-04-20 780407  The Red River Flood in 1997.pdf
08-06-20 42661  The most perfect snowflake ever.jpg
08-15-20 206508  The old man who farms with the sea.xps
08-09-20 175320  Underground Nuclear Waste Storage.pdf
08-06-20 1032748  Wind Turbines 2007.pdf
08-04-20 664912  World Population - What of the Future.pdf

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